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Sorry for Asking – Questions Not to Be Asked on Facebook’s Lead Forms

Facebook, too, has learned and realized there are categories and subjects that advertisers have no justifiable reason to know or ask about.

IOS 14 Changes for Facebook Advertisers – It Has Begun!

We had been warned, we had been afraid, and here we are now. Apple’s iOS14.5 has launched, and Facebook has started enforcing the new rules. It is time to check how they’re going to affect us – let’s go over everything you need to know…

Say “Real Women” One More Time

More doing, less talking:
How to do “women’s empowerment” in advertising.

Three strikes and you’re out

On July 20, 2021, Google announced a new policy pilot – accounts showing repeated policy offenses will be shut down after three warnings.

5 Reasons Your Online Store Needs It Now

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is an ideal method for increasing the overall cart value and giving current and new customers the delight of more financial freedom.

Go Search – Tips How to Use Google’s Search Engine More Effectively

What if we told you that most of us do not use the search engine to its full potential and there is a way to search more efficiently?

What the Floc

Last January, Google announced that starting from 2022, the Chrome browser will no longer support third-party cookies.