Data in advertising is a real force multiplier! Reaching the exact audience you are looking to approach ensures a much more effective advertising, data-driven campaigns for much less money, and producing an impact several times greater than the amount invested! Add unique technologies for audience coloring and advanced analytics capabilities and you’ve scored the full package. We can reach the most specific and accurate level of micro-segmentation, with access to over 4 million pieces of segmented data for direct targeting:

Family Status

Family status, parents-to-be, newlyweds, and others


Targeting by a specific rank or position in the organization


Targeting of specific professionals/positions

Business Owners

Targeting of business owners, from small to large businesses

Shopping Behavior

Targeting according to shopping habits – children’s clothing, sports equipment, holiday buyers, etc.

Health & Physiological Conditions

Targeting according to health/physical condition such as obesity, athletes, pregnancy, and others

Language, Citizenship

Languages spoken by the surfer and their citizenship

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