Data of hundreds of thousands of professionals, deep knowledge of and professional experience in ABM marketing, segmentation technologies so precise they can find and reach out to a specific position in an organization – with us, you will find your target audience easily and efficiently.


Account based marketing – a marketing strategy perfectly suited for B2B-focused campaigns.
Using ABM principles enables us to focus most marketing efforts on a precisely targeted segment of the most relevant audiences – your prospects’ decision makers. Whether they are company owners, C-level positions, or professional executives – we know how to locate the target audience with the highest conversion potential. Our goal is to reach conversion according to the defined KPI through building a long-term relationship with the carefully selected target audience.
How do we do that? We use some of the most advanced automation technologies available while creating a high-quality personalized content adapted to each stage of our client’s customer journey.


Micro-segmentation really means focused targeting, only on steroids. It means finding needles in a huge haystack of potential customers. And not just any needles – the sharpest and strongest needles in the stack. How do we do it? Data segmentation, smart bots, data scraping systems and much more.

Data driven campaign

Being able to use the data of over 250,000 business owners is a real force multiplier in the advertising game – having ready-made audience data available for uploading at any point enables us to reach accurate and relevant target audiences. This way, we reduce advertising costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness. We have developed a unique in-house data management system that combines the various media channels and thus tells the highest-quality, most relevant target audience one consistent story.

Multi channel marketing

17 years of experience have taught us how to build the perfect customer journey for our client, to successfully tell your brand’s story and to customize it to every single channel and platform while thinking of and looking at the big picture that our client will get at the end of his journey. Or in other words: MULTI CHANNEL – SINGLE STORY

Professional content

Today more than ever, everything we do online becomes content. Whether it is professional content and articles for the company’s website, content for social networks, webinar management, or professional video editing – from post to article, the content must be accurate, professional, substantial. Such that speaks the brand’s language, creates engagement with the target audiences, and provides real value over time. Lime Digital has a variety of content creators who are both skilled and ingenious and who know how to tell the story of your brand on each and every platform.


Understanding the importance of the professional platform for B2B marketing, we established a dedicated LinkedIn department about a decade ago. We dive deep into all the secrets of the platform, deliver lectures and courses on the subject, and provide a wide variety of LinkedIn services: from company page management, branding, and business networking to smart cross-channel strategies in which LinkedIn is the key channel.


An AI system we have developed specifically for B2B activities that gives our clients the automation tools needed for expanding their business network, creating initial engagement with the key positions of their business prospects, strengthening the brand name in the business arena, enlarging the volume of their business database, and closing large deals with new customers, new suppliers, partners, etc.

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