The Limes

Zvika H


Strengths - Solves complex problems

Weakness - Better keep it short

Opportunities - Entrepreneurship does it for him

Threats - Scary voice

Moran H


Strengths - Gets to you easily

Weakness - Things get to him easily

Opportunities - Will jump through hoops for you

Threats - Jumping through hoops past age 30 gets tricky

Hezi G

VP Marketing

Strengths - Always smiling

Weakness - A bit suspicious, isn't it?

Opportunities - Aim high

Threats - Buried in work

Guy V

VP Media

Strengths - Puts the fun in excel functions

Weakness - Thinks we all talk his wacky-techy gibberish

Opportunities - Has military-like discipline

Threats - Does way too much reserve service

Keren M

Office Manager & HR Coordinator

Strengths - Raises the moral of the Limes

Weakness - Raises the weight of the Limes

Opportunities - Garlic bread and matbucha to be ordered by Thursday Threats

Threats - Don't touch her Zero!

Inbal Z

Head of Finance

Strengths - Amazing with numbers

Weakness - Till it gets to the kids' math homework

Opportunities - Always with the next goal in mind

Threats - Confirm those hours for me!

Lital S


Strengths - Calculations are a piece of cake

Weakness - All that sweet cash flow is killing her

Opportunities - Flattery might get you a check

Threats - Don't talk to her before the 15th

Sapir F


Strengths - Amazing with numbers

Weakness - Till it gets to the kids' math homework

Opportunities - Always with the next goal in mind

Threats - Poor is the client who does not pay on time

Alon T

Head of Ecommerce

Strengths - Ecom is my passion

Weakness - Coca Cola is my obsession

Opportunities - Always looking for expansion

Threats - Bring back some oldies expressions

Tom P

Ecommerce Websites Manager

Strengths - Work ethic, diligence, cool socks

Weakness - Spontaneity is not his strong suit

Opportunities - Opportunities are nice, if scheduled a week ahead

Threats - Addicted to sweets


Ecommerce Business Development

Strengths - Peace and quiet

Weakness - Redhead also in the head

Opportunities - Always time to sit with friends

Threats - When the redhead gene wakes up

Liel S

Operations & Data Manager

Strengths - Makes everything possible

Weakness - Impossible requirements

Opportunities - Already working on the next project

Threats - Don't talk to her before 10 AM

Alena G

B2B Manager

Strengths - Thorough analysis written beautifully

Weakness - Will over-analyze you to death

Opportunities - Can do anything in high heels

Threats - Runs in high heels

Ziv S

CL Team Leader

Strengths - Real multitasker

Weakness - Still works with sticky notes (for real!)

Opportunities - Already with an agency? Let's chat a little anyway!

Threats - Sweet or savory, snacks in management meetings

Yifat I

Client Leader

Strengths - Energy is her middle name

Weakness - Likes to fatten people up

Opportunities - Always ready to give a pep talk

Threats - Let's see you say no to her

Keren K

Client Leader

Strengths - Loves clean & tidy

Weakness - Requires clean & tidy

Opportunities - Everyone at the office is married, maybe it'll bring luck

Threats - Heights, a little ironic with her height

Keren K

Client Leader

Strengths - Tidiness and belief that everything is possible! Weakness

Weakness - Spoils jokes

Opportunities - The option to learn something new is always there

Threats - Sharks, a cunning animal, so that you know

Maayan S

Client Leader

Strengths - Half of a twin.

Weakness - can’t resist her little prince

Opportunities - Everything has to happen fast.

Threats - Do not touch her hair!

Eran S

Client Leader

Strengths - “Clients” is his middle name

Weakness - Even in Antarctica, he'll be too hot

Opportunities - Infects everyone with his laughter

Threats - Don't touch his vent

Shahar G

PPC Analyst

Strengths - Thriving in Google

Weakness - Drowning in traffic

Opportunities - To move to the Center

Threats - The rents in the Center

Zach I

PPC Analyst

Strengths - Chocolate means nothing to him

Weakness - Without lunch, say nothing to him

Opportunities - Got over corona already a long time ago

Threats - Don't touch his truck

Avi V

PPC Analyst

Strengths - Creativity and knowledge

Weakness - Doesn't know how to say no to beer

Opportunities - Anywhere, anytime

Threats - Spiders, and not as in screaming and freezing… on the contrary!

Dar A

PPC Analyst

Strengths - Maccabi Tel Aviv fan.

Weakness - Maccabi Tel Aviv fan.

Opportunities - Was a football referee.

Threats - Red cards.

Hili M

Creative Director

Strengths - Thinks fast

Weakness - Talks fast

Opportunities - Initiative that will blow your mind

Threats - Flying cockroaches

Ori G


Strengths - Works freely after two plates of hummus

Weakness - Lives at the end of the world

Opportunities - Divorced

Threats - Traffic on Highway 6

Becky M


Strengths - words

Weakness - hairdo

Opportunities - you never get a second chance at a first impression

Threats - Thumb up emoji.

Juli A

Social Manager

Strengths - National Champion in finding travel deals

Weakness - No shopping limits

Opportunities - Used corona to nurture her relationship. Result: child

Threats - Uncertainty

Lior H

Social Manager

Strengths - פאשניסטה

Weakness - "לא נעים לי"

Opportunities - לא מחכה להזדמנויות, יוצרת אותן

Threats - 1% בסוללה

Adar N

Social Manager

Strengths - Content champ

Weakness - Tl;dr

Opportunities - Turn into a strong influencer

Threats - Will steal your follower

Shiri I


Strengths - Listening ear

Weakness - ADHD

Opportunities - Orders lunch

Threats - Warms lunch up

Inbar A

Studio Manager

Strengths - Extra talented

Weakness - Extra nice

Opportunities - Everything has to be perfect

Threats - Everything has to be perfect

Gali A

Senior Designer

Strengths - Head over heels with design

Weakness - Her passion is her obsession

Opportunities - Loves & embraces new challenges

Threats - All work & no play

Galia T

Senior Designer

Strengths - Her hand is perfection

Weakness - Perfection has its price

Opportunities - Will rebrand you brand new

Threats - The calm before the storm

Gery V

Senior Designer

Strengths - Photoshop is her superpower

Weakness - Refuses to send her photo

Opportunities - Teaches people Spanish at any given moment

Threats - The Holiday month

Kristina S

Senior Designer

Strengths - Confectionery

Weakness - Cookies

Opportunities - My daughters' birthdays.

Threats - Pies.

Ofer A

Project Manager

Strengths - The project manager of all times

Weakness - Takes his time

Opportunities - Day without a project is a wasted day

Threats - Just no short projects please

Sandra S

Organizational Development Advisor

Strengths - Mentor inside out

Weakness - "The weakness is only in your head"

Opportunities - Turns everyone into a certified CEO

Threats - Alon Gal

Hagay Z


Strengths - Mother tongue: programming

Weakness - The speeding will get him caught

Opportunities - Goes through tasks like kernels

Threats - We need you to come for a meeting

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